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Simple renovations for higher resale price

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

The answer is...PAINT!

You would be surprised how quickly your home can change when you add a little paint to the mix.


  1. Exterior paint- paint the entire house! Have you ever heard of curb appeal? It's a real thing, this will separate you from the competitor who hasn't painted in ages.

  2. Cabinets- a full kitchen or bathroom renovation can be expensive, but if you have the cabinets professionally painted, you will add a clean and fresh new feeling to the room. The buyer will feel

  3. Any non-neutral room in the house: the simplest way to accentuate a room is to paint it a light neutral color. Suggestion- paint every room in the house the same neutral color. This eliminates any distractions and allows potential buyers to imagine living in this space. Give them a clean slate to start with and I promise your house will sell quickly.

  4. Deck: Paint or stain your deck before moving. This is going to let the potential buyers/ new homeowners visualize enjoying the outdoor space, instead of looking at it as another project they need to concur when they move in.

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