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5 tips for a strong 30-year roof

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

First of all, with any project in general, hire a professional. Revive Remodels guarantees all crew members have a minimum of 8 years of experience in roofing.

  1. Replace plywood if needed: Replacing rotten or wet plywood is a MUST- if you are experiencing leaks, this is a sign that you have wet or rotten plywood and it must be changed before proceeding with the job

  2. Install synthetic paper underlayment: synthetic paper is the main protection of the whole roof. Without this, your roof will not last. You may have used the past "tar paper," this is the older way of doing roofs. We use synthetic 100% waterproof material that lays perfectly on the plywood before installing shingles.

  3. Update vents and metal flashing: If you get a new roof, you MUST install new metal flashing to seal in the spaces and tricky corners to eliminate any water damage or leaking in the future. Vents should also always be updated.

  4. Ridge cap vents: If your home allows, adding a ridge cap vent can help with the ventilation in the attic and throughout the house, especially in the hot summer months!

  5. 30-year shingles with a warranty: always make sure the manufacturer of shingles provides a warranty! 30-year shingles are always recommended!

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